Why take a Master’s Degree in European Studies?

The Official Master’s Degree in European Union Studies provides a multidisciplinary education that is ideally suited to the research or employment profile of future experts in European affairs. Thus, the three-pronged legal, economic and political approach that defines our program favours a comprehensive analysis that is essential for understanding and assessing the different dynamics affecting the EU.

Why study in Salamanca?

The University’s Master’s Degree in EU Studies is a post-graduate course of recognised international prestige.

Besides providing quality education, the course involves meetings with senior staff in EU institutions and with potential employers. Numerous EU agents and representatives from the institutions hold seminars and give lectures for students. Classroom teaching is complemented by a week-long visit to EU institutions to enable the students to gain insider knowledge of how they operate.

Over the past ten years, students from almost all EU countries and Latin America, as well as from China and Japan, have followed the Master. Meetings are arranged with former students that now work in EU institutions so that they can help and guide present students in the search for work placements and job openings. A meeting is arranged every year in Brussels with former students now employed by EU institutions.

The master’s degree is taught by academics from the University of Salamanca, as well as by academics of recognised international prestige from other universities both in Spain and the rest of Europe.

What career openings does the course provide?

There is a very broad diversity of openings. This master’s degree provides the necessary expertise required for taking part in EU recruitment competitions and calls. Furthermore, there are numerous consulting firms whose business involves processing and submitting projects and grants to the Commission and EU agencies on behalf of other companies in all ambits (construction, technology, agriculture, etc.). In addition, there are other major openings for translators seeking to work for EU institutions, as well as for journalists.

What’s more, there are myriad companies and stakeholders with an interest in hiring specialists in European affairs to oversee decision-making processes within the EU. Special mention should also be made of the need for lawyers with expertise in different fields of European law, in both law practices and consulting firms. Elsewhere, those aspiring to work as public servants in Spain (diplomatic service, judiciary, and sundry sectors of the public administration) or seeking promotion (Police and Security Forces, Civil Guard and Armed Forces) will also be endorsed by a qualification such as the Official Master’s Degree in EU Studies, even more so now that the work of several European security agencies has increased sharply in recent years.
Last but not least, this master’s degree provides the perfect instruction for embarking upon an academic career.

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